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High School Fall Ball


BLBS Fall Ball began to provide High School players an opportunity to showcase their talent before college scouts while gaining valuable game experience and extended quality training. Games are played at top High School fields in Columbus (such as Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Westerville Central, Westerville South, & Worthington Kilbourne). Season begins in late August and ends in early October.


Dates: Aug 17/18 - Sept 28/29 (Labor Day Weekend OFF)
Price: $305 per player


The 12 game season consists of one doubleheader per weekend (all games are either Saturday or Sunday).  Game start times are either 9:00am for the morning or 1:45pm for the afternoon doubleheaders. 

Championship Tournament

We reserve the final weekend (Week 6) for the League Tournament. During the tournament each team is guaranteed two games (to complete the 12 game season).  The tournament pairings will be based on the first five weeks of play (excluding rain instances).  The tournament format may require a third Championship game to be played the following weekend. 

All Star Game

Two All Star teams from the JV and the Varsity will be selected to play in their respective division games at Huntington Park, home of the Columbus Clippers in mid October. Coaches nominate and select the players.

The League features a 12 game season culminating with Varsity and JV League All Star Games at the Clipper's Huntington Park. 

Contact Us BLBS

Contact Us BLBS

Big League Baseball School

Phone: 614-433-9980

2024 Fall League Team Registration - HIGH SCHOOL

Registration for 2024 Fall High School Teams. This link is for coaches to register their teams.

2024 Fall League Player Registration - HIGH SCHOOL

For players to register with their teams. Only for players already on a team, NOT free agents.

2024 Fall League Free Agent Registration - HIGH SCHOOL

Free Agent registration for Fall 2024 - HIGH SCHOOL.


High School Fall Ball allows the coach to focus on the players and managing the games while Big League takes care of all the details of field maintenance, league administration, umpires, scheduling and standings.


The league is comprised of two divisions; experienced players (Varsity level Sophomores, Junior, & Seniors) should compete at the Varsity level and incoming freshman and sophomores should play at the Junior Varsity Level. Freshmen & Sophomores may compete in the Varsity Division after an evaluation or submitting a coach referral. 

The OHSAA roster limitation of 6 players from the same high school program presents both coaches and Big League with some unique challenges. Big League will help coaches with a core of players complete their roster from the free agent pool while coaches with an OHSAA roster compliant team can keep their teams together. Big League will then build rosters conforming to the OHSAA rule while still providing a competitive mix of players (pitchers, catchers...etc).


The playing fields are at various high schools throughout Columbus and surrounding areas, chosen specifically for the high quality of the playing surfaces and commitment from their respective head coaches to prepare and maintain them for our league play.

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BLBS Fall Ball affords players the opportunity to gain valuable game experience and extend quality training long after the regular baseball season.

Those who excel in Fall Ball will have the opportunity to showcase their talent before family, friends and scouts at the Varsity and Junior Varsity All Star Games played at the home of the Minor League Columbus Clippers - Huntington Park in Columbus. 

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, Big League Baseball School's former Major and Minor League staff has developed and assisted hundreds of students and Fall Ball participants in preparing to advance to the college and professional levels.

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Free Agents are players who possess the ability to compete at a high school level, but are not currently affiliated with an existing team. We recommend incoming freshmen free agents register with the JV Division.(freshmen wishing to play at the Varsity level may be asked to complete an evaluation by the Big League staff)


  • Free Agent placed with an EXISTING Team
    Many teams have partial rosters and need free agents to get to the required team minimum of 12 players.

  • Free Agent placed with a NEW Free Agent Team
    Due to the OHSAA 6 player limit rule most Varsity teams are composed of free agents. Big League relies on the player registration information to build competitive rosters. These teams are coached by our staff, or equally qualified coaches, and expected to compete at a high level within the league.


Step 1 Player registers as a Free Agent

  • Free Agent Player will register and pay league fee.
    If player is not placed for whatever reason the fee will be reimbursed less $25 processing fee.

Your registration will reveal:

  • Your high school
  • Your grade (incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or senior)
  • Level you wish to compete (JV or Varsity)
  • Preferred positions
  • Whether you are subject to OHSAA 6 player limit (applies to players who held active roster spot on their respective high school team the previous year)
  • List of players/teammates you want on your roster

Step 2 The placement process begins

  • Players will be notified by coaches/teams and offered a roster spot either on an existing team or a free agent team. Note that although we recommend accepting placement the decision to accept is ultimately up to the free agent parent/player (remember options are limited and the roster spot is deemed appropriate for the free agent by Big League). Any questions you may have regarding your assignment can be directed by phone or email to Big League.

Step 3 Once an agreement is made between a Coach and Free Agent

  • The Coach will notify Big League, the player will be removed from the free agent list and added to the Coach/Team roster

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Big League Baseball School High School Fall Ball observes the Ohio High School Athletic Association roster limitation rule of no more than 6 players from the same high school program on any one team.

All leagues follow Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Rule Book 
with the following exceptions:

  • Home/Away: Determined by a coin flip prior to game.
  • Umpire will set game clock
  • All roster players will hit in the batting order
  • Unlimited substitution - coach can move players in and out of defensive lineup
  • Pitchers throw maximum 4 innings per game (tournament play – no restrictions)
  • All 7-inning games
  • No inning starts after 2 hours, games may result in a tie.
  • 10 run rule after 5 innings, 15 after 4 innings.
  • Coach must agree on final score-keep personal record.
  • Pinch runner ok for Catcher/Pitcher anytime (mandatory with 2 outs). Must be last batted out. 
  • Tiebreaker: Used to determine division and tournament winners only. Based on season head to head play, then fewest runs allowed.


  • Substitute Players MUST register on-line prior to game.
  • Players may sub for one weekend only. If they play more than one weekend, they will be considered a player and charged the player fee.
  • Substitutes are permitted to avoid forfeits in the following proportions: 9/1 or 8/2.
  • If the team only has 7 players, game is forfeited, but you may play the game.
  • Roster players should have priority in game play.
  • Substitutes cannot pitch.


High School Fall Ball will be played at various high school fields in/around the Columbus area. These fields are among the best in Central Ohio and therefore it is important we treat them well in order to continue using them. Please take note of the following responsibilities:

  • Big League Baseball School will have the fields dragged, lined, and ready for play. Big League will provide game balls.
  • No soft toss against any fences will be permitted. Portable soft toss nets MUST be 20 yards away from the dugout.
  • It is the team’s responsibility to thoroughly clean up the dugout before leaving.
  • There is NO alcohol or drugs permitted at any facility.
  • Vehicles are permitted in designated parking areas only, and MUST NOT enter the complex.
  • Please report any abuse of fields to BLBS as we do not want to lose the use of these facilities.


  • Fall season is historically difficult for scheduling make-ups due to school and after-school activities. We will reserve the weekend after the tournament for any rain-outs/make-ups. 

Year End Tournament

  • Tournament for eligible teams. Teams not making the tournament could play in round robin or double-headers.
  • Teams are often placed in pools of 4 (sometimes 8) based on their season record. Each pool produces a champion and each player receives a trophy.

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