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Youth Travel Leagues - Spring and Fall

BLBS Travel Baseball Without the Travel is the perfect fit for parents and players who want more competition than recreational ball, but don't want the expense, time commitment and fatigue of 50 game schedules typical of travel ball teams. 

Contact Us BLBS

Contact Us BLBS

Big League Baseball School

Phone: 614-433-9980

2024 Fall League - General Information

Join Central Ohio's largest Fall League!
2023 featured over 60 teams across our age divisions. 

2024 Fall runs on the following dates: August 17/18 to Sept 28/29. 
(Labor Day weekend will be OFF)

Youth (9-10/11-12/13-14) games are held at beautiful NCS Sports Complex behind Ridgeview Middle School AND the brand new turf McCord Park. 

High School games are at Worthington Kilbourne, Grandview Heights, Big Walnut, Gahanna and more!

Price per player:
9/10 & 11/12 --> $249
13/14 --> $259
High School --> $309

2024 Fall League TEAM Registration - YOUTH

Registration for 2024 Fall Teams. Registration opens MAY 1st.

2024 Fall League Player Registration - YOUTH

Registration for Players on Pre-Existing League Teams. Registration open NOW!

2024 Fall League Free Agent Registration - YOUTH

Registration for 2024 Fall Youth Free Agents. Registration opens MAY 1st.

2024 SPRING LEAGUE - General Information

  • 9-10/11-12 year-old divisions runs April 20/21 to June 1/2. There is an OFF weekend of May 11/12 for 9/10-11/12.
  • 13-14 division runs May 18/19 to June 22/23.

Teams play our classic doubleheader style for weekends (10 regular season games + 2 tournament games). The final weekend is reserved for our league tournament (format varies yearly). 

Games are held at the beautiful NCS Sports Complex in Columbus, Ohio.

Spring Youth Season 2024

Season Micro-Site for Spring 2024 League


Registration for teams only in the 2024 Spring League. This is for 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 age divisions.

2024 Spring League Player Registration

For players on a pre-existing league team.

2024 Spring League Free Agent Registration

2024 Spring League Free Agency is currently CLOSED.


Big League provides coaches with a complete turnkey league operation so coaches can use their time coaching! Beginning with online registration, roster assistance from our free agent pool, scheduling, field maintenance, game balls, umpires and online standings our coaches are left with nothing to do but COACH!


Teams are expected to carry a minimum of 12 players on their roster. Coaches have an 11 player option with a buyout of the 12th player at a $100 discount from a regular paid player registration - payable by coach meeting. In addition, Big League Baseball School will coordinate Free Agents to assist in rounding out your team. Please indicate your need for free agents on your team registration, and follow up with Big League Baseball School early to ensure availability.


Teams must provide their own uniforms for the league. However, we can assist with finding uniforms if needed.


Prior BLBS teams are guaranteed placement when registering on/before January 1st (SPRING) or June 1st (FALL). All teams are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Teams will have an option of being put on a wait list once a division reaches capacity.

The head coach will receive a discount code in their Team Registration confirmation email for $100 toward their son's registration as credit for coaching. Code may be transferred to another player, but only one $100 coach credit is permitted per team.


A team representative is required to attend the coach meeting - usually Mid-April (SPRING) and Early-August (FALL). Date will be posted, and coaches will be notified via email.

  • Full roster must be submitted - all players must be registered/paid
  • Draft Schedules will be distributed
  • Rules and expectations will be explained
  • All outstanding balances are due

Big League expects proper sportsmanship at all times. Any issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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Free Agent Information - SPRING AND FALL

Free Agents are players who possess the ability to play at a competitive level, but who are not affiliated with an existing team.

While Free Agents are vital to the travel league operation, placement is the most demanding aspect of the league and we ask that our Free Agents have patience as placement is contingent on team needs - which can sometimes happen late in the process. We assure you that we make every effort to place our Free Agents and take pride in our near perfect placement track record over the years.

BLBS Leagues have two types of free agent placements:

With Existing Team

Many teams have partial rosters and need free agents to get to the required team minimum of 12 players.

With New Free Agent Team

We quite often form a team of all Free Agents when there is an abundance of quality players. These teams are coached by our staff, or equally qualified parent, and usually compete at a high level within the league. The fee, if placed on this team, would be +$50 on normal fee.


  1. Player registers as a Free Agent ($25 non-refundable fee)
    This lets us know the basic age, capabilities and location.

  2. Player will be required to attend an evaluation
    Free Agents will be asked to attend an evaluation to assess their skill level to assist with placement and/or ensure the Free Agent has the ability to participate in this league. As this is not a rec league, a player must be able to perform at a competent level to ensure his safety on the field.

    The placement process begins
    Our goal is to maximize both geographic (staying close to home) considerations as well as matching your skill set and expectations with the appropriate coach and team.

  3. Player information is forwarded to coaches with Free Agent needs
    The coach will contact the Free Agent to discuss placement. Note that although we recommend placement, the decision to accept is ultimately up to the free agent parent/player. 
    Turning down a team could impact your placement possibilities.

  4. Once an agreement is made between a coach and Free Agent
    The Free Agent is now considered a Player and will register as such. Note that players who register as a Free Agent prior to the deadline will be given a discount code to waive any late fee if placement does not happen prior to the player registration deadline.

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Q: How does the Free Agent process get started?

A: First, you must register as a Free Agent under the “Register” tab. Then, you will be required to complete a “Safety Evaluation” to ensure your child possesses the necessary skills to play in the league. From there, Big League staff will provide further instructions.

Q: Is my child guaranteed a spot in the league if they register as a Free Agent?

A: We cannot guarantee placement, however we have a long-standing and strong reputation of placing many of our Free Agents.

Q: Do I have to play on the team that I am assigned to as a Free Agent?

A: No! You will have the option of deciding whether the fit is right. Should you not feel it is the right fit, we can re-submit you to our Free Agent pool and we will attempt to find you another home.

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  • BLBS expects top-notch sportsmanship. Harassing teams, umpires or parents is not tolerated. Issues requiring discipline will be treated on a case-by-case basis. 


  • No soft toss against any fences will be permitted.
  • It is the team’s responsibility to thoroughly clean up the dugout before leaving.
  • There is NO alcohol permitted at any facility.
  • Vehicles are permitted in designated parking areas only, and MUST NOT enter the complex.

Please report any abuse of fields to BLBS as we do not want to lose the use of these facilities.

Field Dimensions

  • 9-10 Youth Division: 65 ft base path, 46 ft mound/home
  • 11-12 Youth Division: 70 ft base path, 50 ft mound/home
  • 13-14 Youth Division: 90 ft base path, 60 ft mound/home

All divisions follow Ohio High School Athletic Association Rule Book with the following exceptions:

  • Home/Away: Determined by a coin flip prior to game.
  • Umpire will set game clock.
  • All roster players will hit in the batting order.
  • Unlimited substitution - coach can move players in and out of defensive lineup.
  • Pitchers throw maximum 3 innings per game. 
  • All 6-inning games.
  • No inning starts after 1 hour and 45 minutes, games may result in a tie.
  • 15 run rule after 3 innings, 10 after 4 innings. 
  • Coaches must agree on final score-keep personal record. Home team coach is expected to report score via online google form.
  • Pinch run for catcher OK anytime (mandatory with 2 outs) Runner has to be the batter to make the last out.
  • Tiebreaker: Used to determine division and tournament winners only. Based on season head to head play, then fewest runs allowed.

    Substitute Players MUST register on-line prior to game.
  • Substitutes are permitted to avoid forfeits in the following proportions: 9 players /1 sub or 8 players /2 subs.
  • If the team only has 7 players, game is forfeited, but you may play the game.
  • Roster players should have priority in game play.
  • Substitutes cannot pitch and must bat last in the line up.
  • Players may sub for one weekend only. If they play more than one weekend, they will be considered a player and charged the player fee.
  • Teams do not need to take an out for players running late. They must be listed at the bottom of the lineup. The coach must alert the opposing coach of the situation and when the player arrives. 

    Stealing Bases
  • 9-10, 11-12 Youth Divisions: No straight steal of home & no suicide squeeze.
  • 13-14 Youth Division: Straight steal & suicide squeeze permitted.

    Bat Restrictions
  • 9-10, 11-12 Youth Divisions: No bat restrictions
  • 13-14 Youth Division:  -5 (USA / USSSA Certified / BPF 1.15) or -3 (BBCOR Certified)

  • 9-10, 11-12 Youth Divisions: Rubber only
  • 13-14 Youth Division: Metal or Rubber

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