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Bandit Testimonies

Bandit Testimonies

"Without question, the Big League Bandits travel baseball program helped develop our son to the point where he received numerous collegiate offers.  We highly recommend any player interested in competitive ball and developing their game to the “next” level give serious consideration to the Bandits program. The excellent guidance our son received from the certified coaches with collegiate playing experience and the former MLB players was tremendous.  The Bandits organization understands what it really takes to improve and to get noticed in this highly competitive sport.  The culture of the program is unwavering, as RESPECT and “doing it the right way” are instilled throughout.   Our experience has been thoroughly enjoyable, reasonably affordable, and most of all, we are the proud parents of a proven athlete with leadership skills as a result."

- Ron Cramer, parent of Bandit Grad Ryan Cramer (Ashland University OF)

"The Bandits taught my son outstanding baseball skills preparing him for his college baseball experience but more importantly teamwork, discipline, and a mental edge ‘the right way’ all in a family centered approach."

- Dave Efland, parent of Bandit Grad Eric Efland (Westminster College C)

“The Bandits are an organization that no doubt have the players best interest at heart! They truly care for the players and promote the players whenever possible in an effort to help them get to that next level. They have high expectations and the organization helps the player have high expectations in themselves. I’m very proud that my son was part of this organization!”

- Tracy Clifton, parent of Bandit Grad Ty Clifton (Capital University CIF)

"Our first encounter with a coach from “Big League” was unforgettable, and we still laugh about it today.  Chase Carter, currently with the Ashland University Eagles baseball team, showed up for a travel team tryout.  He was there in hopes of making the team as a catcher.  As Kegan was doing some paperwork and preparing for the tryout, I started warming Chase up inside the cage.  Hearing gloves “pop” behind him, Kegan made a statement “Oh someone is throwing some cheese!”  As Kegan entered the cage, I asked if he wanted to use the catcher’s glove I had and he responded, “If I can’t catch him with my glove, I should not be doing what I’m doing.”  After throwing a bit with Chase, Kegan decided to go to the hitting part of the tryout.  After seeing Chase hit, Kegan offered him a position on the team.  Chase and I looked at each other and wondered why he had offered up a position already because we were there for a catcher’s position, but never saw him catch.  Kegan answered the question like this, “If he can throw the way he throws, and can hit the way he hits, I’m sure he can catch.”  That’s the story.  As it turned out Chase never made it to the catcher’s position.  The staff and coaches at “Big League” saw something else in Chase that no other coaches did.  They saw the ability in him to play at the next level in a different position.  Chase finally had someone in his corner that believed in him and then guided him to prepare for the next level.  Whether it was private lessons, pep talks, or just getting his name out there the “Big League” organization took my son under their wings and had him believing in himself.  My wife and I are very happy that we found an organization like this one.  Not only do they expect the best from all their players they also hold parents accountable for their actions because the parents are a part of the “Big League” name too.  Our 2 years with them created many lasting memories and friendships.  Thank You for everything!"

- Will & Terry Carter parents of Bandit Grad Chase Carter (Ashland University RHP) 

"Our son played for 2 seasons on the Bandits 18U team.  I cannot speak highly enough about our overall experience.  Our son received tremendous coaching, encouragement & support – on & off the field.  As a result, his confidence & overall strength of character grew.  From the coaches to the parents, the culture of the Bandits is first-class.  The coaches led by example & the players were held to a high standard.  I truly appreciated how the emphasis was placed on character, as much as on the actual game of baseball.  In addition, the level of play was competitive & the boys were pushed to perform at their best & continue to grow.  Thanks Bandits for an amazing experience!"

- Kerry Neville, parent Bandit Grad Zach Neville (Hiram U RHP)