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Free Agents

Free Agents are players who possess the ability to play at a competitive level, but who are not affiliated with an existing team. 

While Free Agents are vital to the travel league operation, placement is the most demanding aspect of the league and we ask that our Free Agents have patience as placement is contingent on team needs – which can sometimes happen late in the process. We assure you that we make every effort to place our Free Agents and take pride in our near perfect placement track record over the years.

BLBS Leagues have two types of free agent placements:

With Existing Team
Many teams have partial rosters and need free agents to get to the required team minimum of 12 players.  

With New Free Agent Team
We quite often form a team of all Free Agents when there is an abundance of quality players. These teams are coached by our staff, or equally qualified parent, and usually compete at a high level within the league. 

The process of Free Agent placement

  1. Player registers as a Free Agent ($25 non-refundable fee) 
    This lets us know the basic age, capabilities and location to begin the placement process.
  2. Player may be required to attend an evaluation 
    Free Agents may be asked to attend an evaluation to assess their skill level to assists with placement and/or ensure the Free Agent has the ability to participate in this league as this is not a recreational league and a player must be able to perform at a competent level to ensure his safety on the field.

    The placement process begins
    Our goal is to maximize both geographic (staying close to home) considerations as well as matching your skill set and expectations with the appropriate coach and team.
  3. Player information is forwarded to coaches with Free Agent needs
    The coach will contact the Free Agent to discuss placement. Note that although we recommend placement, the decision to accept is ultimately up to the free agent parent/player. 
  4. Once an agreement is made between a coach and Free Agent
    The Free Agent is now considered a Player and will register as such. Note that players who register as a Free Agent prior to the deadline will be given a discount code to waive any late fee if placement does not happen prior to the player registration deadline.