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Contact Us BLBS

Contact Us BLBS

Big League Baseball School

Phone: 614-433-9980

Big League Baseball School High School Fall Ball observes the Ohio High School Athletic Association roster limitation rule of no more than 6 players from the same high school program on any one team.

All leagues follow Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Rule Book 
with the following exceptions:

  • Home/Away: Determined by a coin flip prior to game.
  • Umpire will set game clock
  • All roster players will hit in the batting order
  • Unlimited substitution - coach can move players in and out of defensive lineup
  • Pitchers throw maximum 4 innings per game (tournament play – no restrictions)
  • All 7-inning games
  • No inning starts after 2 hours, games may result in a tie.
  • 10 run rule after 5 innings, 15 after 4 innings.
  • Coach must agree on final score-keep personal record.
  • Pinch runner ok for Catcher/Pitcher anytime (mandatory with 2 outs). Must be last batted out. 
  • Tiebreaker: Used to determine division and tournament winners only. Based on season head to head play, then fewest runs allowed.

Non- Roster Players

  • Substitute Players MUST register on-line prior to game.
  • Players may sub for one weekend only. If they play more than one weekend, they will be considered a player and charged the player fee.
  • Substitutes are permitted to avoid forfeits in the following proportions: 9/1 or 8/2.
  • If the team only has 7 players, game is forfeited, but you may play the game.
  • Roster players should have priority in game play.
  • Substitutes cannot pitch.


High School Fall Ball will be played at various high school fields in/around the Columbus area. These fields are among the best in Central Ohio and therefore it is important we treat them well in order to continue using them. Please take note of the following responsibilities:

  • Big League Baseball School will have the fields dragged, lined, and ready for play. Big League will provide game balls.
  • No soft toss against any fences will be permitted. Portable soft toss nets MUST be 20 yards away from the dugout.
  • It is the team’s responsibility to thoroughly clean up the dugout before leaving.
  • Parent’s/players should pick up after themselves.
  • There is NO alcohol or drugs permitted at any facility.
  • Vehicles are permitted in designated parking areas only, and MUST NOT enter the complex.
  • Please report any abuse of fields to BLBS as we do not want to lose the use of these facilities.


  • Fall season is historically difficult for scheduling make-ups due to school and after-school activities. We will reserve the weekend after the tournament for any rain-outs/make-ups. 

Year End Tournament

  • Tournament for eligible teams. Teams not making the tournament could play in round robin or double-headers.
  • Teams are often placed in pools of 4 (sometimes 8) based on their season record. Each pool produces a champion and each player receives a trophy.