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High School Free Agents

Contact Us BLBS

Contact Us BLBS

Big League Baseball School

Phone: 614-433-9980

What is a High School Free Agent?

Free Agents are players who possess the ability to compete at a high school level, but are not currently affiliated with an existing team. We recommend incoming freshmen free agents register with the JV Division.(freshmen wishing to play at the Varsity level may be asked to complete an evaluation by the Big League staff)

Big League has two types of placements for Free Agents:

  • Free Agent placed with an EXISTING Team
    Many teams have partial rosters and need free agents to get to the required team minimum of 12 players.
  • Free Agent placed with a NEW Free Agent Team 
    Due to the OHSAA 6 player limit rule most Varsity teams are composed of free agents. Big League relies on the player registration information to build competitive rosters. These teams are coached by our staff, or equally qualified coaches, and expected to compete at a high level within the league. 


Three Steps to Free Agent Placement

  • Step 1 Player registers as a Free Agent 
    Free Agent Player will register and pay league fee. 
    If player is not placed for whatever reason the fee will be reimbursed less $25 processing fee.

    Your registration will reveal:

  • Your high school
  • Your grade (incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or senior)
  • Level you wish to compete (JV or Varsity)
  • Preferred positions
  • Whether you are subject to OHSAA 6 player limit (applies to players who held active roster spot on their respective high school team the previous year)
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​List of players/teammates you want on your roster

Step 2 The placement process begins

  • Players will be notified by coaches/teams and offered a roster spot either on an existing team or a free agent team. Note that although we recommend accepting placement the decision to accept is ultimately up to the free agent parent/player (remember options are limited and the roster spot is deemed appropriate for the free agent by Big League). Any questions you may have regarding your assignment can be directed by phone or email to Big League.

Step 3 Once an agreement is made between a Coach and Free Agent

  • The Coach will notify Big League, the player will be removed from the free agent list and added to the Coach/Team roster